Friday, July 28, 2006

My Paper Pieced Bag

My Paper Piecing Posted by Picasa

Here, in it's very early stages, is the result of my class yesterday on paper piecing. I've never really done any kind of hand piecing before, but I didn't think about it and I think because I wasn't thinking negatively, I learnt how to do it. And damn it's easy! I'm in love with this technique. The paper-pieced flower is appliqued on to a very simply made bag, and then the whole piece is done. We only had three in the class so I managed to get a lot done- I finished three of the 'petals' in class, then the rest of the round at home last night on a chair with mum sewing binding next to me and Middy asleep in my lap. I loved it! It's so easy. For once I can do something that doesn't require a machine. Now I understand why Grandmother's Flower Garden is a good 'take along' project.

Matilda's Own Templates

Matilda's Own Templates Posted by Picasa

I love seeing Scissorman at shows. They have heaps of cutters, scissors and Matilda's Own Templates. In January I bought a set of templates that I've used to death and I'm in love with them so I bought more. As mum's favourite quilting pattern is the Dresden Plate, I bought a dresden wedge for us to use. The little shapes are all 1 inch templates. I like how all of them can be interchanged as they all finish to 1" sides. The hexagon is my favourite. There was also a Drunkard's Path template that I'll probably get on Sunday when I go back to the show with my friends (yes, one day just wasn't enough!) I'm not too sure if I'm ready for the double wedding ring template, as I can't see myself making one of those anytime soon. Maybe when my brother gets married, but that will be a while off and there'll be plenty more quilt shows. =)

It's like Christmas came early...

Like Christmas came early Posted by Picasa

Here you will see the majority of what mum and I bought yesterday at the show (of course, minus the game of Life). We both had a blast! I bought some kits, a Christmas felt applique one and a needle companion, and a little bag. The bag kit was part of a paper piecing class I took yesterday by myself, as mum was taking a mosaic class. It's something she wanted to try and I'm glad that she did. There's more 'Matilda's Own' templates, some quilting magazine back issues that we got cheap, and a nice 'showbag' from Better Homes and Gardens that was full of stuff. It was so much fun, and the best thing was that I got to do something I enjoy on my birthday. Thank you mum!

Show, oh glorious show...

The Retro Needle Companion Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day doing what I love most- quilt supplies shopping. This is only one of the many things that mum and I bought- I bought a retro one to match my retro bag I'm going to make 'any day now' and mum bought a cute 'Quilting Bee' one. It has little bumble bees on it and honeycombs. We're going to make them together. At the moment mum's using an ice cream container to hold her hand quilting stuff and she keeps dropping it on the floor due to the quilt knocking it off the armrest. So we figured that this will help her, and it's something we can do together. We bought it from a store called 'Blue Willow Cottage' and I've mentioned them before because that's where I got my matching retro (in purples and greens) bag. Looks like a cute little project and kit though. Should be fun.

The Trellis Block

Last Month's Block Posted by Picasa

I know I'm very late posting this photo, because it's last month's block. In actual fact, I have my quilting class next week and I haven't even finished one of my blocks for this month (hence why there'll be no pics of them yet)- I'm not even a quarter done! I have some work to do- I've just been so damn busy. More updates to come. =)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Patchwork Shop Hopping

Today mum and I went to a patchwork store not too far away, Patchwork on Central Park. It's a sweet little store, which was where I bough my DJ book. I managed to pick up 4 meters of Amy Butler clearance fabric for $20. And 2 FQ's for $4. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but it's a large print that can be used for large blocks. Maybe I'll make a throw to keep in my car. Also, we found 2 block books. Both had 200 rotary cut blocks, so I'm itching to go through those. I might find a nice block for my Amy Butler fabrics. And mum bought Alex Anderson's Baby Quilt book, as we know a few expectant mummies. It was a good shop, usually empty, but today was pretty busy. Worth the drive for the wonderful designer fabrics in bright retro colours and heaps of 30's prints that I can't find at my local quilt shop (they have mostly florals and palettes). Worth the drive just for my type of fabric, I will definitely be going back again.

Update on Chuck's project: It's all fused and basted, just needs to be stitched and bound and labelled and it's done. =)

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Hello Kitty Quilt Top

Hello Kitty in Shoo Fly, made by me and my friend Janelle.

It only took us one day (from 11-9) to piece the entire top. I think it was a good effort and looks pretty effective. The shoo fly block was 15" square, finished. There are 12 blocks total in the whole quilt. All Janelle has to do now is quilt it, then bind it. She's good with a machine so I think she can handle it. And she thought a quilt takes a year! Not on a machine. ='>

I'll post my butterfly class blocks, and last month's class blocks, very soon. The butterfly block has heaps of stippling that I'm still afraid of!