Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Second Quilting Show

Last weekend mum and I tackled our second quilting show. It was small and showcased all the local craft businesses, which are few, but still quality. Mum dragged along my grandmother, because we figure that she's bored so we'd try to get her to do something. Unfortunately, she didn't see anything that inspired her and she thought that quilt making was too hard. =/ She used to do so much but now she does so little, she's gotten lazy.

Because the craft show was little we managed to tackle it all in a few hours. But, it was still big enough for us to buy stuff. I finally got my little Clover iron for $20 cheaper than the recommended price. And I got a cute little bag kit for $45 from Blue Willow Cottage. They had so many kits priced so reasonably! And so many cute little Christmas kits! They're having a birthday sale on the 8th of July so mum and I are going to drive there and see what we can get. I'm going to start working on the bag during my school break. Then I'll be able to take it to class with me at uni. =)

I also saw my quilt teacher at the show because she owns a local quilt shop. She was happy to see me and said I was one of her best students (when she was talking to mum). That made me very happy. And even though it was a small show, mum was quite happy with what we found there. There was a stall for a little company called Inspirational Quilts, and they make charity quilts for children affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Mum has forever wanted to do something charitable and while she believes that she's not good enough to make charity quilts I convinced her to put her name down for a 'Quilting Bee' so she can spend a whole day making quilts, which is what she wanted to do. =)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Grandmother's Quilt

My Grandmother's Mother's Day Quilt Posted by Picasa

This is the quilt that mum and I decided to make for my grandmother. We tried a 'lightening bolt' pattern, which kinda made itself unique. We used dark greens and browns because we figure that my grandmother's in a nursing home and she's going to get it dirty. It was the first lap quilt we've ever made (and when I say 'we' I mean mum, I only cut the triangles and borders out, mum sewed pretty much everything) and mum did the binding. I was only there to tell her what to do because she didn't know. =)

The only downside that Mother's Day was Sunday, and it's Tuesday now. Mum's visiting her today to give her the quilt.

I've started working on the Frog. Today I used the living room window as a lightbox to trace the pattern on to fabric. Next I have to trace the fusible webbing and cut out the pieces. I'm just getting confused as to which way to use the pattern, if it's mirrored or normal. But I'll figure it out. =)