Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My First Quilting Show

The first quilting show I'd ever visited was purely by coincidence. Mum was in the city doing her voluntary work training which was by the Melbourne Convention Center. Being the wonderful mum she is, she called me to tell me the quilt show was on and that I should go with dad to pick her up so we can look at it together.

Australasian Quilting Convention Posted by Picasa

In the photo above are some things I managed to buy from the show, including a Diamond Star and a Periwinkle Star template, and a huge set of strip rulers. Mum bought the carry bag, and the book in the photo is the best block book I have. One day I'll try all the blocks in that book, I swear.

In addition to these items, I also got two pairs of scissors (why are they called pairs when there's only one of them?) and machine quilting gloves. We found a queen-sized pre-cut wadding for $35, and suprisingly I didn't buy any fabric. We did get a few magazines too because mum thought the designs were pretty. Mum also got two kits, a stained-glass christmas wall-hanging and a bag. Most likely I'll be completing these for her.

In the back of the show, behind all the vendors, was a small quilt display. Mum's a hairdresser and a very hands-on person, so she had a hard time trying not to touch the quilts. The quilts were remarkable, one day I hope to build masterpieces like those in the show.

There's a large quilt show in Victoria in July that I'm trying to save up for. The more money I save, the more I can go silly buying stuff at the show. Dad is very happy with my new hobby, and even though I've made it quite expensive, but he justifies my expenditures as "Well, at least you'll use it someday..." and he is encouraging me nicely. Dad likes that I stay at home sewing instead of being out where he can't constantly keep watch on me, and he likes the pretty and practical things I'll eventually make in the future.

I'm off to press fabric and start cutting (gosh, that sounds suicidal!)

Machine Quilting Class

I haven't posted in a while because I've been lazy with my camera. I've also been lazy with my Valentine's Quilt.

Machine Quilting Class Posted by Picasa

This piece of blue fabric was what I made in my first machine quilting class. We learned how to clean our machines, which feet to use on which technique, and how to do a horizontal and vertical stitch with a darning foot. We also wrote out our names, and stippled/meandered. My teacher said I was very good for a beginner! All the other students were impressed by my practice piece. Mum's was the funniest response: "Did you pin that yourself?" LOL! Because I always make excuses that I can't pin my own work so I get mum to do it for me. She was impressed with my stitching too. Sorry about the poor quality photo, it really does look better in real life!