Saturday, December 06, 2008

Re-opening Old Wounds

I know this blog has been long gone, dead and buried... but I've revived it. My last post was Dec 06, so it's been less than a full year away.

Reading back through my archives I haven't actually finished much of what was outstanding in 06, but instead I've actually started a few new things. My wonderful boyfriend Dan and I have been slowly but surely completing a paper-pieced hexagon quilt with 1" sided hexagons. We're still basting them now, and have been for a year, but they're coming along quite well. We need something like 3,000 hexagons to complete the quilt, and we've gotten over half-way. When we start sewing them all together I'll post a photo. =)

Mum and I have made a few baby quilts together, she's gotten over her fear of the rotary cutter (but Dan loves it!) and I've bought a long-arm machine. I've been quilting mum's baby quilts for her, and all her friends are saying they want me to finish off their quilts too, which is good. There's a post in this blog about how afraid I was when I first started stippling, now I can do it easily and probably with my eyes closed!

Hope everyone is well. =)