Monday, November 20, 2006

The Charity Quilt

The Charity Quilt

This was made in a day at an Inspirational Quilts Quilting Bee that I went to last Saturday. The day was spent doing a quilt top, and the coordinater, Nancy Gheno, supplied everyone with a quilt kit that made a top to donate. Mum went to the quilting bee with me, and she didn't get her quilt top finished. We have another quilting bee on the 9th, so she has to have it finished by then!

The quilt top I made was a stack 'n whack. I'd never done one of these before, so it was good to learn something new. Also, mum took my machine and we left her one at home, but Nancy had organised for me to use an overlocker (yes, I made this quilt with an overlocker). I was working with Nancy's daugher Jasmine, who was making the same quilt as me, only in blue. The quilt blocks were quite large (17" square) so it all came together quickly. There wasn't much wastage either as the scraps were large offcuts, big enough to use in another quilt. I did get a lot of scraps from Nancy to make another quilt top to donate, which I might do one day this week with my friend Kate, depending on scheduling.

Hopefully on the 9th I can get another quilt top donated, as I'm on school holidays and I don't have a job, doing charity work makes my time kinda meaningful.

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