Sunday, October 29, 2006

Simon & Cathy's Baby Quilt

Simon & Cathy's Baby Quilt Posted by Picasa

This quilt was made for a baby shower mum went to two weeks ago (I know, slack with the updating). I was meant to go but uni assignments were dragging me down. So I never got to see the reactions of everyone to this quilt. I didn't have that much part in it anyway, mum did most of it. I just cut everything out (she's afraid of the rotary cutter, for some reason) and I did the label. I chose the quilting design, but mum quilted it. The pattern is the 'Amish diamond'. We had to use neutral colours (as in, not 'girl' pinks or 'boy' blues) as we didn't know the sex of the baby. I hope they get good use out of this quilt though!

After seeing this quilt come together so quickly (we estimate that it took about less than 30 hours) mum's starting to think she wants a long-arm machine so she can quilt faster and we can get better and sell them. She's always wanted a long-arm, I'm sure when I move out my room will be used for that. She's loved quilting since we started, and it shows. Pretty good for only her third quilt! =)