Sunday, February 08, 2009

WIP List

Yesterday after blogging I went and hunted all my WIPs. As predicted, there were a few that were forgotten, but I have my total list now. I also went and found my kit pile, which amounted to over 50 kits (and I thought there was only 30). Most of my kits are cross stitches, that will be added to this list when they're started.

WIP List (active ones on top)
  • Lucie Heaton's Santa Sack cross stitch (Tilde thread)
  • The English paper pieced hexagon quilt
  • Shadow Play DJ
  • The bee stitchery
  • Red, black and white quilt (on the quilting frame)
  • The Blueberry Muffin DJ for mum
  • The koala cross stitch
  • The lion cross stitch
  • The Mocha/PaddlePop quilt
  • The jelly roll pineapple quilt
  • The pink cupcake pincushion
  • The cheetah mystery quilt
  • The Amy Butler fabric quilt
  • The minkee baby quilt
  • The starfish cross stitch mini
  • The beaded cross stitch pin pillow
  • The decoupage plaster puppy
  • The rose ribbon embroidery
  • The hexagon/diamond English paper pieced quilt
  • The stained glass frog (fine line between WIP and UFO)

As you can see, I have quite a while ahead of me (not even thinking about those yet-to-be-started kits...)

Currently, my most active projects are my Shadow Play DJ, the Santa cross stitch, and the English PP hexagon quilt. I'm doing a Tilde thread (one thread a day) on the Santa cross stitch. Hopefully I'll see progress soon!!

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